The CONNEXIO launched project "Ernährungsdetektive" has been awarded the Austrian "Staatspreis für Multimedia & e-business 2004" in the category "knowledge and e-learning".

Extract from the report of the Award Jury (translation):

'In the project "Ernährungsdetektive", tuition has been exemplarily linked with interactive content to promote a highly important social theme. The project's innovative approach takes a holistic view, integrating different medias and activities, and thereby offering different entry-levels for different study-groups. Furthermore, professional and age-based content organisation plus the use of customer-related communication channels is notable. In this regard, the teacher for example, is not left alone and gets assistance and valuable information about how "Ernährungsdetektive" can be best integrated into the class tuition programme.

In sum, "Ernährungsdetektive" is a product that connects modern multimedia techniques with innovative instruction methods in a laudable way.'

Planning for an Austria-wide follow-up project "Ernährungsdetektive - summersemester 2005" has already started under the direction of SPOT Werbung Agentur GmbH.

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