The CONNEXIO launched project "Ernährungsdetektive" has been nominated for the Austrian 'Staatspreis für Multimedia & e-business 2004' in the category "knowledge & e-learning"

Connexio launched this project in April 2004 under the patronage of the Austrian Ministry of Health & Women and the Vienna Schools Authority, with the theme of 'healthy & balanced nutrition'. The project ran for the school summer semester and saw the participation of some 149 classes and 3.700 school children across Vienna.

The project involved equipping all participating classes with appropriate manuals i.e. pupil workbooks, teacher folders and parent brochures, which were in turn supported and complimented by a website The site contained all project materials plus games, chat-forums for teachers and pupils, and offered school classes possibilities for presentations.

The project 'Ernährungsdetektive Summer Semester 2004' was made possible through the generous funding of Danone Austria.

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